Feel free to contribute by sending pull requests. We are a usually very responsive team and we will help you going through your pull request from the beginning to the end.

The developers team is always more than happy to receive feedback and pull requests in this project. Discussions, bug reports, feedback, everything is ok as long as it is polite and respectful.

The process to contribute is clear and open, everything must done on GitHub.

You are more than welcome to contribute to this library for any kind of modification, as long as they make sense.

If you prefer, you can start by creating an issue and discuss with us what you want to do in loophp/collection.

Development environment

This library provides a reproducible development environment based on Nix.

There are many operating systems, too many Linux distributions and too many different ways to install the development requirements in this project. If someone wants to contribute to this project, they either need to be using the same operating system or they need to spend time figuring out how to install all the required dependencies, if they exists.

Given that, the best way to build the book is using the Nix universal package manager.

Nix is a tool that takes a unique approach to package management and system configuration. Nix is platform-agnostic: it runs on any Linux distro and macOS. Nix can therefore be used as a truly universal package manager.

On top of that, Nix will ensure reproducibility by pinning the dependencies needed to build the document in the flake.lock file. As long as this file stay the same, we have the guarantee that anyone will be able to contribute to this library without any trouble.

After installing Nix, if you’re using a non-NixOS operating system, you need to install nix in your environment following the steps described on the Nix wiki and enable the upcoming Nix commands and flake support.

Once this is done, you can optionally install nix-direnv to automatically load the PHP environment upon directory change, thanks to the file .envrc available at the root of this project.

The .envrc file will make sure that the tools you need to develop and contribute to this projects are available in your shell without typing any command to install them. The provided developments tools are:

  • php for developing and running the tests,

  • auto-changelog for generating the changelog,

  • sphinx to generate the documentation.

If you’re not using nix-direnv, you just have to run the following commands to create a shell containing all the tools you need to develop:

nix shell github:loophp/nix-shell#env-php81-nts --impure
nix shell github:loophp/nix-auto-changelog
nix shell github:loophp/nix-sphinx


For some reasons, if you can’t contribute to the code and willing to help, sponsoring is a good, sound and safe way to show us some gratitude for the hours we invested in this package.

Sponsor any of the contributors through GitHub.